Lapeyre-Triflo FURTIVA®

A Revolution
in Cardiac Valves

The first Swiss-made Artificial Heart Valve
with a physiological hemodynamic profile,
designed to be both:


  1. free of anticoagulation therapy

  2. durable for life


Triflo Medical Switzerland is dedicated to advancing this innovative medical device to clinical trials and regulatory approvals. 


  1. Finally, an answer to a large and growing unmet need worldwide—especially among young patients in developed and emerging economies.


  2. Preclinical evidence supporting product safety and effectiveness.


  3. Support from internationally renowned cardiac surgeons and fluid dynamics experts.





 Discover which patients may benefit from FURTIVA®

I have been impressed by the Furtiva® valve and
look forward to starting  first-in-man clinical trials.

This valve has the potential to benefit thousands of patients, especially young people.


Prof. Thierry Carrel, M.D.
University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland


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 A new generation of artificial valves
combining the best of existing worlds

New high-performance biocompatible material.
A unique anatomic tri-leaflet design with a physiological operating mode.

Like native valves, FURTIVA® closes early and gently during flow deceleration
and not by the reverse flow as in current mechanical heart valves—
thus not generating a haemostatic response.


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